Fire in the Heart
The spiritual teachings and paintings of Herman Rednick

One way to see yourself with a clear eye is to detach yourself from the present. We can do this by projecting fifty years into the future. Now look back at your life and say, “What have I accomplished? What do I really want to do with this life cycle?”

Your constructive thoughts and emotions and actions will precipitate a spiritual fire within your heart. This light will surround you like a cloak with protection. Now this experience is in your imagination, but at the end of your life cycle this will be a real experience. Your whole life will pass before you, but you will not be able to change anything. Now you have the opportunity before you to mold your experience according to spiritual law, so that when you look back in fifty years you will say, “I am happy I followed the spiritual path.”

Every hour I shall mold my experience with love and service.

I reach out for healing. The spirit of God is all around. The spark of Christ glows within my heart. I breathe deep. The breath is the Christ. There is no life without it. I breathe deep. The breath fills me. I hold the breath and my soul comes through. The breath is a tangible, healing substance. The devas surround me. I breathe deep. Christ fills me with gratitude and love. I breathe deep the healing substance. My soul breathes deep. I am healed.

My breath is God.
My breath fills me with healing light.


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