The Name List | Fire in the Heart
The spiritual teachings and paintings of Herman Rednick

Sending beams of love by using the mantra “With a beam fo love I touch the heart of _____” is Herman’s quintessential instruction. We send love to everyone on a list composed of the names of the people in our life—family, relatives, friends, daily contacts. We extend the list to include all those whom we have known in the last ten years. We repeatedly send love to each one, using heartfelt mantar and visualization to enfold them. In sending love, we focus especialy on people withwhom we have difficulty—our “enemies.”

Even if a person is no longer alive, there is no obstacle to connecting with him or her. “There is no space in spirit,” as Herman often said, and by seeing someone’s image clearly, the contact is made. Working on this list produces powerful results by freeing us from our fears and resentments. As Herman wrote, “The spiritual fire of love will dissolve the blocks in your conscious and unconscious mind.”

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