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Meditation is the technique where you can find the path to your true self, to your soul fire. The process is to open your heart and mind to the higher consciousness within yourself. This takes place when blocks are removed in the mind and the motions.

The great key taught by all the sages, including the Christ, is that the principle of love will open the door to your higher aspect. It is written in the Bible that if you live in love, you live in God. The the approach to the problem is to bring love into your life. The psychic law is: As you give out, you receive in return. Thus, use the mantra: Wit a beam of love I touch the heart of my mother (father, sister, brother etc.)

Make a list of all the people you have known in the past 10 years. Go down the list and send each on a beam of love . Do this twice a day. The result is that the spiritual fire of love will dissolve the blocks in your conscious mind. It will bring your emotions into harmony with your true self, thus open in your channel to your soul fire.

Love stills the mind, and prepares one for meditation.

From: Earth Journey Volume 1 Page 3.

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